M-SHED Museum

Location: Bristol BS1 4RN, United Kingdom
Postcode: BS1 4RN

9 Jobs available

About us

M Shed museum in Bristol is dedicated to telling the amazing history of the city, through the objects and stories of the people who have made the city what it is today.

Thought-provoking and fun, M Shed challenges the perceptions of what it has meant to live in Bristol over the centuries through the recollections of the people who shaped the city.There are also working exhibits on the harbourside including steamboats, trains and cranes as well as a cafe that opens out onto a public square on the dockside.

Levy is proud to be the official caterer at M Shed museum and has vacancies throughout the year for part time hospitality staff. Positions are available during the day in the cafe, and in the evening at various corporate and private events.

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